Styled and Opulent way to Tie the Knot – How to select a chic wedding venue

Wedding bells herald a new beginning, but it also comes with a baggage of stress, right from selecting the venue to solemnizing the wedding. Based on my experience, I would like to share with you how I shortlisted some wedding venues and finally zeroed in on one. 


At the initial stage of any wedding planning, choosing the venue tops the to-do list. Next in the checklist is the task of selecting the wedding trousseau, wedding theme, catering, and discussion on honeymoon destination, and so on.

I didn’t want a typical wedding venue (mandapam or marriage hall). Like most of my friends, I too wanted an exotic wedding venue with convenient facilities. 

I had always dreamt of a beautiful wedding, complete with a fantastic and elaborate setting. From the time I visualized my wedding, I wanted a wedding function that blended tradition with stylish modern sophistication.

And when the wedding date was finalized, we (my fiancé and I) told our parents to leave the venue selection to us. We started our search on the Internet and made a list of 7 sites. Then we did an in-depth scrutiny and after much consideration and deliberation finalized on a venue that satisfied us on these elements: 

Privacy Factor

A wedding is a very private event. I wanted a venue which would ensure me that privacy. The venue had to be easily accessible yet distant from the maddening crowd. My choice of place had a one-event-at-a-time policy. This ensured that my wish for privacy was respected and there were no unnecessary confusions or embarrassments. All the available facilities could be customized to meet our requirements. Each guest was treated to finest hospitality and there was ample parking space for all. 

Stylish Decor and Contemporary Style

Instead of a conventional hall we chose a wedding venue based on its positive and unique atmosphere. Also, we selected a place that offered great ambience for perfect wedding photograph opportunities. Is there anything more romantic than fantastic photographs?

Best Facilities

A wedding is an intimate gathering of people who are close to us. We ensured that the venue had all modern comforts including bar & lounge,

AC hall, open dining hall, kitchen, rooms for all including guests, bride and groom, ample parking, and washrooms.   

Green and eco-friendly setting

We both aspired to celebrate our wedding in a green and breathtaking surrounding. And our choice of wedding venue combined a space bound with green lawns and soothing water bodies, making us relaxed and our well wishers comfortable. 

And in the end…

After the rituals, our union was blessed with warm handshakes and hugs from happy family members and friends. The evening took on a dreamy feel with the perfect music setting the background and everyone enjoying the sumptuous buffet in the lush green sprawling landscape.

Looking back at our wedding, we’re happy on how our selection of wedding venue helped us orchestrate a dream wedding.

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