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“If you like it put a ring on it.”
The line picked from Beyonce’s hit ‘Single Ladies’ probably makes most sense in the context of marriage – if you were to ask us that is.
Okay, so you’re in love and you’re looking to seal the deal with ‘the one ring’ (no The Lord Of The Rings reference attempted here). Anyway, where do you get started? How do you know which ring is the best one for your fiancé? What is your budget? How much is too much? These are the kinds of questions that can create hurdles in the hunt for the ‘Ahhh…soooo beautiful’ ring. However, before the drops of sweat start pouring down your brow, take a deep breath and bask in the confidence of knowing that you have us to help you along the way. Here are a couple of resourceful tips on getting to your ideal ring:

Be Real With The Rock
A lot of people may want to spend big bucks on a wedding or engagement ring and if you want it to be this way, that’s great, however, if you’re looking for a good deal when buying the rings, there’s always a way out. While your significant other may assume you’ll be a spending a year’s salary on the ring, know that you can a great rock for probably 1/12th of the hiked amount – but do be prepared to part with a little extra if it’ll give you a better ring. Remember, here, research and price comparisons are crucial to success.

To Brand Or Not Brand
This one’s pretty straightforward. If you or your fiancé are big on brands, then you don’t really have a choice, a branded wedding ring it is. In this case, it’ll be comforting to know that branded wedding rings come with trademarked cuts and the stones used will almost always be of high-quality. Branded rings are generally costlier because of the price premium put out on marketing efforts and purchasing experiences. However, if brands don’t get you all excited and quality and value for money matter the most, remember that pricey rings don’t necessarily mean better quality – you can always find a better ring for a better price from a local jeweler you know and trust.

The very fact that we’re choosing to throw light on this tip is a very obvious thing to do, but nonetheless its importance can never be undermined. Diamond-Color; Diamond-Cut; Diamond-Clarity; Diamond-Carat; all of these matter. To keep it all simple and easy for you and not wanting to up the pressure, rope in some sort of diamond expert when buying your ring. Other than the obvious that you may be able to spot with the 4Cs, an expert will be able to go above and beyond the most palpable to find you your perfect ring.

Snoop Around
To almost guarantee your correctness in ring choice, check the kind of rings your fiancé wears – dig into his or her ring box or wardrobe and you’ll get a clearer picture on the kind of rings he/she prefers. Importantly, this will also keep you away from guessing the size of the ring and if required, take a few pictures of preferred rings or just ‘borrow’ a couple so mistakes are completely avoided. Alternatively, you can also ask your fiancé’s pals to get you hints from source on the cut of the stone liked, the designer of choice, the type of metal preferred, etc.

And there you have it, 4 reliable tips on helping you get it right with the ring – go ahead and put a ring on it, the cause is a noble one.

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