Setting The Right Menu For Your Wedding

To create a wedding menu that is enjoyed to the very last bite, you’ll need variety, opinions, information, sound judgment and great taste and that’s in no particular order. You can choose to give your guests what you love to eat or serve up the norm at weddings. Alternatively, you can consider a compromise between what you love and what’s generally served at weddings in your part of the country or world. As people who’ve witnessed the coming together of many wedding menus, we’d like to believe we’re subject-matter experts and this is us giving you tips on how to create an ideal menu for your wedding:

1. Consider the vegetarians. Don’t have a wedding menu dominated by everything that moved a couple of hours before your wedding – a good mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights will keep everyone happy.

2. Time matters. If your wedding is happening in the afternoon, let the dishes picked be refreshing and wholesome. And if your wedding is happening in the evening, the dishes picked can be filling and sumptuous.

3. If you’re going in for a certain caterer, don’t just pick him or her just because of a good word put in by a friend. As someone who’d want nothing short of the best for your wedding, try out your chosen caterer’s culinary spread at another event before paying him or her an advance – do this only if you like the food served and the way it was served too.

4. Ask your chosen caterer to make some recommendations. What do people like to eat at weddings? What’s a wedding menu favorite? What’s generally avoided at weddings? When you get your answers for such questions, you’ll know exactly what can work for you/your guests and what may not.

5. If your family or your significant other’s family is famous for a certain dish or dishes, try getting the same served to your guests. This way your wedding menu becomes highly personalized and all the people who’ve had a taste of your family’s best will be thrilled to know how you’ve gone out of our way to be hospitable – just like you would be if the same people visited your home.

6. Always pick quality over quantity. Instead of serving a countless number of average dishes, you can serve the very best of foods with a reasonable ceiling put on the number of dishes served. However, if you are keen on more variety and more options for your guests, make it a point to not compromise on the quality of dishes served.

7. If you want to go by the book for your wedding menu, stick to a certain rule of thumb which is 3:3:2 or in other words 3 kinds of appetizers, 3 options for the main course and 2 options for dessert. With this done, you’ll get to create enough of variety without going overboard on the food served at your wedding.

And there you have it, expertise has been built – happy planning and happier eating to you.

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