Indian Weddings Themes – Our four finalists

Indian weddings are known for their spectacular dash of colours, decorations and varied mix of customs. These days, it’s not uncommon to see young couples pushing the envelope to make their wedding an unforgettable experience – for themselves and everybody around them.

We’ve narrowed the millions of options down to our favorite four themes – ones that speak of creativity, but still retain that essential element of class.

Distinctively Indian – The Village Theme 

This theme is popular with couples who like the rustic Indian touch and want to recreate a moment from the dreamy past.   It’s advisable to take the help of a professional wedding planner to add typical village elements to your wedding venue. Folk dances, traditional cuisine, outdoor cooking all add to the feeling of magic. Throw in a flautist, and some casual seating, and you’ve taken every guest back to some part of their childhood.

Add Mirch and Masala – Flavours of Bollywood

If you’re a huge fan of Bollywood with its rich sensual colours, dance and music, then taking inspiration from this glamorous world would be ideal for you. GO WILD – – right from your clothes, to the decor, to the entertainment. Some couples even pick a movie and build their entire wedding theme around it. Hire professional singers and dancers to get everyone dancing, or have a go at a Bollywood item number yourself!

A dash of Indian-ness – The Peacock theme

The beauty of this theme is that if offers versatility – the theme can be translated creatively using a traditional or contemporary style. Also, there’s room to be imaginative in every aspect of the wedding – from decor to attire, from invitation cards to henna designs. If your budget is flexible, then you can try Indian fabric with peacock imprints, dramatic colours and opulent jewellery.

Traditional-chic– East meets West 

With the changing attitude in Indian society, more weddings are embracing the exotic. For instance, many hosts now handpick the cuisine (after much tasting and debate), live music and entertainment have become popular, the décor has influences from around the globe, the hosts handpick the guests, and the couple and families make it a point to have a great time themselves.

Find a flexible venue, the right wedding planner and a caterer that’s just-right for you and your family to translate your dream wedding into a MEMORY for everyone.


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